Being Indian at Tomorrowland!

Being Indian at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is not just a music festival, its a cult, a religion, a passion and a reason of celebration for many people. Apart from enjoying the best music, I saw true emotions of people, who sang, cried, danced and hugged their loved ones with so much passion while their favorite DJ is playing. I was blown away by the way people are involved and mesmerized by every sound and every beat. For some people it’s a place they meet their soul and I did not believe it until I saw how the crowd responds to each and every DJ.

In Tomorrowland there was no discrimination, be it your skin colour, your race, your sexual orientation or your religion. Being a brown girl, I never felt any discriminated of any kind whatsoever. I felt free and one among those 2 million people. That’s the true spirit of being compassionate. It was a life time experience to be there and feel #tomorrowland2019 

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