Dungaar Maas Mutton Dish – Udaipur – My new Obsession!

I was in Udaipur in the last week of 2018. The city of lakes is famous for its grandeur palaces and lakes and not to forget their famous Laal maas mutton curry. So in the quest for finding the best places to try this dish, I ended up in Tribute Restaurant Udaipur. I almost ordered Laal Maas, but the waiter advised me to try Dungar Maas and viola! I am blown away first with the aroma , and then with the flavors in the gravy, and most importantly the mutton is so tender that it literally melts in your mouth. The preparation of both Laal Maas and Dungar Maas are similar expect that Dungar maas is infused with dry masalas and ghee on smoked charcoal and that’s how you can smell the strong aroma in the dish.

I did try Laal maas and really loved the Red flavourful curry but came back for Dungas Maas the next day as my heart is set on Dungar maas.

So, now it was time to find the other places to eat Dungar maas, I did visit 3 more places which I prefer not to name. The taste is almost the same as Tribute, but the texture of mutton was a little hard in the other places including the restaurants in Jodhpur. Then, I learned from the Chef of Tribute Mr. Ramji, that Tribute sources its own meat and process it within the restaurant, unlike other places who buy from local vendors and hence so much difference in the quality of meat.

Do try this and let me know what guys think! Happy vacation 🙂

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