Laal Maas - Khamma Ghani Udaipur

Laal Maas – Khamma Ghani Udaipur

Finally, the Laal Maas! Its a pity if you visit Udaipur and don’t get a chance to try Laal Maas. So based on the reviews of other bloggers, I visited Khamma Ghani Restaurant to try out Laal Maas.  They serve the most authentic Laal Maas in its spiciest form and the mutton just melts in your mouth . The aromatic spice, and fiery chilies will … Continue reading Laal Maas – Khamma Ghani Udaipur

Maas Ke Sooley

Maas Ke Sooley – Udaipur

This is one of the must-have mutton starter dishes in Udaipur, its a Rajasthani delicacy prepared with lamb pieces marinated with spices and cooked on a barbecue. You will find this dish in almost all the restaurants in Udaipur, but my personal favorite is  Tribute.  I am not a fan of Mutton starters as the meat is hard in texture and chewy but the Maas … Continue reading Maas Ke Sooley – Udaipur

What to expect in Eguisheim!

Eguisheim is a beautiful fairy-tale like village situated on the Alsace wine route and is listed among the most beautiful villages of France.  Eguisheim is in the Alsace region, 7 km southwest of the more popular Colmar. The town center is tiny and car free (at least for tourists). There is a metered parking lot just before you enter the old town center: 6 Gr … Continue reading What to expect in Eguisheim!

Being Indian at Tomorrowland!

Tomorrowland is not just a music festival, its a cult, a religion, a passion and a reason of celebration for many people. Apart from enjoying the best music, I saw true emotions of people, who sang, cried, danced and hugged their loved ones with so much passion while their favorite DJ is playing. I was blown away by the way people are involved and mesmerized … Continue reading Being Indian at Tomorrowland!