What to expect in Eguisheim!

Eguisheim is a beautiful fairy-tale like village situated on the Alsace wine route and is listed among the most beautiful villages of France.  Eguisheim is in the Alsace region, 7 km southwest of the more popular Colmar. The town center is tiny and car free (at least for tourists). There is a metered parking lot just before you enter the old town center: 6 Gr … Continue reading What to expect in Eguisheim!

Colmar Vlog by Pinkpebble Sandhya

Colmar is one place I did not want to just ‘check off the bucket list’ . This was one of my leisure vacations, where I just walked around randomly in the beautiful streets of Colmar, relish mouthwatering food from the local restaurants, go for numerous wine tastings, carry home wine from the local Wineries, and just soak in the beauty and charm of this beautiful … Continue reading Colmar Vlog by Pinkpebble Sandhya

Being Indian at Tomorrowland!

Tomorrowland is not just a music festival, its a cult, a religion, a passion and a reason of celebration for many people. Apart from enjoying the best music, I saw true emotions of people, who sang, cried, danced and hugged their loved ones with so much passion while their favorite DJ is playing. I was blown away by the way people are involved and mesmerized … Continue reading Being Indian at Tomorrowland!